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Nordic Rocking Chair with Stool Lazy Sofa Chair

  • ✔·High-density rebound sponge: 35kgm3 high-density high-rebound sponge above the industry standard, can withstand 200kg deformation.
  • ✔·Full cushion: enjoyment in the cloud, using high rebound and comfortable decompression cotton, density up to 35KG/M3, moderate hardness, no collapse.
  • ✔·Breathable micro-holes · High-quality cotton and linen: Each square fabric is woven with tens of thousands of venting holes, and the air permeability is good. It is a natural dehumidifier, which is used to prevent moisture and aphid bacteria from growing.
  • ✔·Snake-shaped magazine bottom frame cross-arm support: 600 kg load-bearing 10 years without deformation of the bottom frame, with a serpentine spring coupling shaft, good shock absorption, with a large range of variable load, strong bearing capacity, difficult to deform for many years.
  • ✔·Safe rocking: 15° forward and 30° backward. The safety factor is high after professional testing.

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